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р. 80 к.
Есть в наличии

Издательство: СПН-Медиа, Беларусь, 2017

Серия: Mulberry Club English

Возраст: от 9 до 12 лет

ISBN: 978-985-99338-3-7

Страниц: 80

Тип страниц: Мелованная

Переплет: Мягкий переплёт

Формат: 210x280

Have you ever thought which tools and skills could help you and your children to compete and to feel comfortable in our modern society? Probably some special ‘must have’ skills, qualifications or something else which distinguishes you from others. When it comes to the top of your list, fluent spoken English, we are absolutely sure, must be your number one. This ability gives you freedom in all possible aspects of modern life. The lingua franca of the modern world, English is the language of business, politics, education and culture. Fortunately, as life shows us, languages are not just something you’re born with. It’s never too late to learn. The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today.

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